"I like your hat. This is cool! It is intriguing! Can I see the back of it? -  Sweet! Where did you get it?! - Cool work!".




George Miller

George Clooney, interview about the movie Tomorrowland.                                           (TV show Anatomiya dnya. www.ntv.ru)     





April, 2015

April, 2015 

Nicholas Hoult, interview about the movie Mad Max: Fury Road.                                                                                        (TV show Anatomiya dnya, www.ntv.ru)  

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Nicholas Hoult

   May, 2015

  "It is incredible. I am impressed with the hat! What Is that, made of       leather? - That's wonderful!"  



George Miller, producer, director. Interview about the movie                                                                            Mad Max: Fury Road.  (Anatomiya dnya, www.ntv.ru)