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New generation of phone accessories - iBracelets by MARSIANNA. Fit any cell phones.  DETACHABLE PHONE CASE.                                 These fancy iBracelets are created for both women and men.  We currently have two types of iBracelets. The basic one comes with leather iBracelet  and leather phone case. The second type comes with the same set up plus special leather platform and mechanism rotating 360 degrees.  It's very comfortable for those who like to type on your phone with one hand. We have different types of design and colors of iBracelets and can match it with different colors of phone cases.  All iBracelets come with MARSIANNA designer box.           

 - Ultra thin Apple leather cases                                                                                            - Leather iBracelets  (use different type of leather)                                                        - Adjustable with Velcro                                                                                                        - Decorative beats,  fancy ribbons, leather laces (depends of design you choose)    -  Engraving